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Y-3, the collaboration between renowned Japanese fashion design Yohji Yamamoto and the authentic sports brand adidas, has revolutionized the industry, and created a new category within fashion. Adidas represents sports, YohjiYamamoto represents design, both symbolize true craftsmanship, and together they have developed the future in sportswear. Y-3’s collection of men’s and women’s apparel, footwear and accessories continues to evolve, always evoking the perfect blend of adidas’ expertise and innovation in sport functionality and Yohji Yamamoto’s signature sense of style.

Spring/Summer 2020 Drop One: Craft

Elegant silhouettes are matched with luxurious textiles and multi-layer constructions, highlighting the careful craftsmanship at the heart of the theme. Staying true to the brand’s roots and drawing on classic Yohji-Yamamoto tailoring, the clothing designs experiment playfully with dramatic proportions. Similarly, the theme features embroidered graphics, inspired by the iconic Japanese motorcycle subculture, Bosozoku.

An ode to artisanal design, these embroidered graphics reference the phonetic Katakana for Y-3 as well as the phonetic Kanji for ‘I LOVE YOU’, while the prominent ‘Roaring Black Crow’ graphic is both a subtle nod to one of Yohji Yamamoto’s early nicknames and, simultaneously, the loud sounds of the Bosozoku motorcycles. Utilising premium fabrics such as refined wool, the garments feature elegant micro-trims as well as subtle three-stripes detailing

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