Max Mara

Max Mara dedicates this collection to glamorous, chic women who love to rediscover in their typical day a taste of sophistication without sacrificing practicality and dynamism.

A modern woman, elegant and refined, with a personal style matching her time and the different occasions in modern life. Traditional tailoring, luxurious materials, experimentation, international character, modernity and status: all typical features of the Max Mara’s mood.


The Sportmax collection was produced by the Max Mara creative team in 1969, proposing a more practical and eclectic fashion than the traditional style. Achille Maramotti – the President and founder of the company - fascinated by innovative "Swinging London" tracked the coordinates of a new youth movement, which would soon cross the English Channel. Since then, Sportmax, anticipates and synthesizes the leading themes of fashion for every season, with an international touch, appealing to a woman who passionately follows the evolution of style and appreciates the research into innovative materials and forms


Weekend was created in 1984 to match Max Mara women’s requirement for more casual and informal garments, but still very chic, even in free time. This collection is characterized by warm and soft materials with enveloping volumes, comfortable and easy silhouettes. 

Natural and traditional, yet sophisticated fabrics; masculine lines, yet reinterpreted with feminine taste; relaxed yet chic silhouettes, and a comfortable combination of neutral colours in warm tones.

Max Mara Studio

This collection is a re-interpretation of the tailored, couture wardrobe of dynamic and confident women.
The characteristics of this collection are pure elegance, and a strongly feminine touch for a modern and contemporary look.

A wide range of items for daily use and for special occasions together with a large selection of coats made with quality fabrics. The hallmarks of this collection range from innovation and continuous research in materials to the expression of the garments relating to the trends of the time.

'S Max Mara

'S Max Mara is an avant-guard collection for an international dynamic woman, with a modern way of dressing, that is sophisticated and functional. Refined conceptual elegance that transcends fashion trends and is timeless.

A laboratory of ideas and innovation. Conceptual design offering a mix of modern and traditional tailoring. Great care for details and functionality. 

'S Timeless

These are iconic garments of the 'S Max Mara style and models representing the history and philosophy of the collection. 

These models, made with quality criteria and advanced research, are strategically offered at very affordable sale prices  in order to  reflect the promotional concept behind them. These garments are throughout considered  TIMELESS – AGELESS, and a must-have  for every woman. The key-concepts are reflected by the modern looks matching luxury and more  economical garments. This makes it possible for the customers to personalize their look and achieve a more dynamic product. 

'S The Cube

A collection of quilted coats made from the Siberian duck with its exceptional thermal performance and at the same time, very light. Coats have always been the symbol of Max Mara and “Here is the Cube” continues this tradition with these duck down coats setting forth a new icon.

Functional yet luxurious, casual yet sophisticated, technological and tailored, adaptable to different times of the day, perfect for travelling. Each item is very carefully constructed down to the least detail, folded and wrapped inside cube-shaped personalized packaging. 

An aesthetically pleasing design which is functional and timeless.  

The models in this collection are permanent and enriched every season with new components and accessories. Reversible, adaptable, accessorized, timeless are the keywords of this iconic product.

Max Mara Accessories

With its W/F season 2010, Max Mara’s  accessory strategy changed from items that were merely to match a particular use or requirement from items that were to be adequately ranked on the reference market  becoming  a brand line, representing the forefront of Max Mara. 

During the S/S 2011, the Sportmax accessory collection was created to reinforce the identity and image of the product and represents a proposal that combines the concepts of fashion in the world of Sportmax and Sportmax Code. 

Accessories are a very important project for Max Mara offering shoes, handbags, small leather goods, scarves and shawls, reflecting the tradition and always aiming at product quality and dedication to the customer.

Spring Summer 2022

Max Mara imagines a writer; a smart, sulky, Beat Generation intellectuelle tapping out the story of a long hot summer on an old school typewriter. It’s a sophisticated account of romance, intrigue, moral conundrum and elegant ennui, played out against a background of smart villas, secluded beaches, fast cars, boats, chic restaurants and casinos.

Tank tops and boyish sandals with chunky crêpe soles complete the bad girl look; chiffon embroide- red with wispy feathers is a diaphanous counterpoint. The colour palette runs from sand to tan, to navy to black, but there are pops of orange and yellow too. Deckchairs, parasols and windbreaks, the paraphenalia of a nostalgic summertime idyll, inspire breezy total looks in audaciously striped canvas. ‘We’re all existentialists now’, declare the pundits of modern philosophical thinking.

Certainly, over the last year and a half, we’ve learned a thing or two about exploring our inner freedom, just like Sagan. The milieu she described prompted one critic to dub her ‘a luxury hotel existentialist’. To Max Mara, that sounds like exactly the right mix of high powered cerebral acrobatics and voluptuary indulgence for the fine summer that lies ahead.


Spring Summer 2022
The musical legacy and studies of John Cage, one of the leading American figures of the post-war avant-garde, serve as the inspiration for the Sportmax Spring-Summer 2022 collection. An artist, producer, composer and music theorist, Cage’s career culminated with his most celebrated composition 4’33’’, which was performed in absence of deliberate sound. It is with this masterpiece that the new Sportmax collection takes flight.

Spring and summer looks unfurl in an exploration of the dichotomy between order and chaos, and light and obscurity, as well as the stark contrast between noise and silence, as illustrated in Cage’s depiction of the perfect state of purity. Together with his life companion, choreographer Merce Cunningham, Cage made it his life’s work to explore this relationship of opposites within the realms of both music and dance. In the same vein, Sportmax conjures this ethos, by pursuing the possibility of reconciling conflicting themes and motifs, by grafting a Baroque sensibility into minimalist functional codes.

The intent within the fashion show, as well as within the designs themselves, is to challenge traditional, aesthetic perceptions, in order to convey a sense of escape within the canonic structure of a collection.

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