Weekend was created in 1984 to match Max Mara women’s requirement for more casual and informal garments, but still very chic, even in free time. This collection is characterized by warm and soft materials with enveloping volumes, comfortable and easy silhouettes. 

Natural and traditional, yet sophisticated fabrics; masculine lines, yet reinterpreted with feminine taste; relaxed yet chic silhouettes, and a comfortable combination of neutral colours in warm tones.


A contemporary explorer. An independent-minded woman. A free spirit: the protagonist of the
new Weekend Max Mara campaign is a citizen of the world, and off-the-road is her way to go.
The inspiration behind the Weekend Max Mara Fall/Winter 2020 campaign is the thirst for
adventure of the first women explorers of the past century. These extraordinary travellers who
set off for the unknown defying society conventions, bringing back engaging stories and
unique adventures.

Horses, camels, bicycles, motorcycles, trains and zeppelins were their elect means of travel and
nothing would stop them in their quest for intellectual challenge and discovery of the new. An
innate wanderlust, a love for the beauty of nature, a pursuit of the profound and meaningful and
self-achievement are what unites these exploresses throughout time. As is their casual yet
refined choice of attire for their ventures. These are the concepts that transpire in the season’s
collection where the focus is on an elegant and comfortable yet never predictable wardrobe.
Classics retrieved from the Weekend Max Mara heritage are now interpreted with a British twist
and the play of formal-informal.


For Fall Winter 20, Weekend Max Mara returns to the roots of its rich heritage. Through delving
into the archives, icons are rediscovered that feel more current than they’ve ever been before.
Closet classics are having a renaissance, reworked for now with elements of colour, new
volumes and unexpected combinations.

Presenting a masterful fusion of masculine and feminine elements, effortless denim overall is
graced with a light touch while the new maxi dress arrives with maximum impact, tempering its
dusty rose hue with supersized structural tiers. Finished with the iconic Pasticcino Bag,
reimagined in buttery hazelnut-brown leather, alongside the comeback of the staple track shoe,
your Weekend Max Mara uniform is complete.

Classic is officially cool again.

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