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Gerts Cashmere Oslo is a delicate, luxurious and ‘evergreen’ knitwear company founded in Oslo Norway by Gert Pettersen. Gerts Cashmere Oslo’s focus is to design a quality product that is easy to match your everyday clothes. Soft on the skin and light on the shoulders. A perfect balance between warmth and comfort. Combining classic Nordic minimalism and elegance, the spring summer cashmere is designed to match your everyday clothes and not just a staple for your winter wardrobe.

Gert Cashmere Oslo raw materials are curated from the highlands of Xinjiang, Northwest of China where temperature drops below minus 20 Degree Celsius during the winter. During these months, the highland goats grow the best cashmere, exceptional strength in each strand of fiber. The strands are thicker, softer and longer in length making each weave and finished piece softer and superior in quality. Xinjiang possessed the best cashmere farmers in China with experience over many generations who take pride in raising their goats freely and ethically.

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