Versace is a world leading fashion house with strong personality and represents unique sense of self-expression. It is a pure symbol of status with glamour and a perfect example of Italian luxury.

The Clans Of Versace

“The Clans of Versace know that today nothing is acquired through birth, but rather earned through what they achieve: this is why these women are all Queens to me.”
- Donatella Versace

United through passion and a desire to rock all boundaries, the Clans of Versace are crowned as the true modern royalty. Daring to speak their mind and standing out from the crowd through their style choice, they rule their own life and always look out for each other. Women who aren’t afraid to walk their own walk, and talk their talk, never forgetting that they were born to be bold.

Strong. Loud. Confident. There are no mid-ways. No compromises. A clash of cultures that generates friction and contrast between past and present - old and new, trendy and subculture, sneakers and stilettos. Different clans are represented by their print of choice.

Embrace Your Inner Versace:
Go Big and Go Home

In this Fall Winter collection, everything is so Versace that it will give you that familiar feeling of coming home. A wardrobe for a man who isn’t afraid to explore his wildest side – Versace Men Fall Winter 2018 is all about playing with the house codes and re-interpreting them, through younger eyes, through different subcultures, through that ironic yet comfy Versace twist. A collection that re-invents the rules, ignores boundaries and celebrates the art of individuality, with a look-at-me personality that’s taken to another level.

Sneaker Collection: Chain Reaction

With its eye-catching chain-link sole, the new iconic Versace sneakers speak directly to the millennial generation. It is an original design reinforcing the link between the tailored and the casual – and the many different sides of the Versace men and women.

The Chain Reaction subtlety embrace the Versace DNA: the Greca lace cage, the Greca midsole detail, as well as the “puff croc” neoprene details or the top stitching – they all cast Versace signature details into the sneakers world. The sneaker features puff croc neoprene lining and tongue create extreme comfort together with a very Versace aesthetics, while reflective tongue gives that unmissable sporty attitude.

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