Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle brand, producing a wide-ranging collection of jeans, clothing and accessories. Since its creation in 1978, Diesel has evolved from being a leading pioneer in denim into premium casual wear, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market. Despite its growth, Diesel’s philosophy has remained the same: a brand standing for passion, individuality and self-expression.

For men, Pre-Fall 2020’s overall easygoing, throwback-modern character is equally as apparent. Gritty and retro, the 1986 crime drama River’s Edge is also an inspiration point; nostalgic themes clash with 2020, and, within that fusions, there’s a workwear portion, too. Backbone items across the board include: tops with nineties-era tribal tattoo motifs on the sleeves, inside-out pieces with visible stitching, shirts and jackets with distorted logos, dyed knits, a t-shirt that reads, in a handwritten font, “WEIRD AS HELL,” and workwear pieces rendered almost entirely of reconstructed denim. The collection is topped off with a standout trompe l’oeil jacket in mixed materials.

Speaking of denim: DIESEL Pre-Fall 2020 experiments with its core product, taking an assemblage of different washes—conceived, often, with a seventies-era feel—and softens the textile. For women, this grouping comes with a dress, a jumpsuit and a shirt in a tencel fabric; for men, a five-different-wash style of patch-worked trousers. Overall, denim pieces run the range of pieced-and-paneled together, reconstructed, and many feature a low-waist or low-crotch cut. JoggJeans see development throughout, and unexpected accents surface. See: ergonomic knee details, ankle-zips, side buttons, marbled washes and even printed hearts. Together, the denim offering is uncompromisingly DIESEL.


DIESEL Pre-Fall 2020 offers a laid-back attitude with an ironic sense of cool. It mixes offhand vibes, sportive elements (including automobile racing), nightlife nods, relaxed shapes, layers of nostalgia (especially to couture-esque shapes of the 1950’s, and subcultures of the 1990’s) and a contemporary verve. The result? A collection that is funky, bold, irreverent—and which doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Colours play a key role throughout, and the edit is exact: Pre-Fall 2020 is heavy on black and white, with jolts of acid yellow, pink, green and electric blue.

For women, juxtaposition elements surface; sneakers are suggested as styling complements to lingerie, or bohemian knits are tie-dyed and paired with washed black mini-skirts. The lineup is sexy, cool, and treated with a 1990’s-influenced grunge, but the DIESEL girl isn’t thinking too much about the past—she’s setting her sights on the next decade. Additionally, elements of psychedelia and clubbing are offered, such as with body modification themes utilized as decorative accents (see: septum rings sewn down the sides of mini-dresses). Additional key pieces: spliced-and-diced tulle-and-jersey dresses, a trucker jacket in couture-like volumes of double crepe, logo-band bras and underwear, and mesh separates.

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