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Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle brand, producing a wide-ranging collection of jeans, clothing and accessories. Since its creation in 1978, Diesel has evolved from being a leading pioneer in denim into premium casual wear, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market. Despite its growth, Diesel’s philosophy has remained the same: a brand standing for passion, individuality and self-expression.

Leather jackets—key pieces in the Spring drop—are constructed with rubber panels at the shoulder, and amplified with modern twists such as reflective inserts; the result is fearlessly retro-futuristic.

Diesel’s famous denim will be available in lightened washes, and flanked by colorful accessories. Essential Denim pieces for Spring are new belts, and jackets in brand new silhouettes, as well as leather boots that play off of the motorcycle influences.

Spring 2019

For the first drop of the season—Spring 2019—Diesel is disrupting the norm once again, and this time with a two-part special. Extreme sports, motocross and 90’s-era video game graphics serve as the ultimate combined inspiration for Spring: each piece has its own unique link to Diesel’s aesthetic, with extreme sports and motorcycle culture, especially, being grafted to the company’s DNA.

And even though extreme sports and moto-inspired components have long been a part of Diesel’s approach, this year, they get hyper-visual updates. See: neon bolts of color, bold knits, polychrome camouflages, and vibrant graphics that have been reinterpreted from 90’s-era video games.

Summer 2019

After releasing Spring—a motocross, extreme sport and retro video game-inspired collection—Diesel looks to Tokyo, Japan as its main influence for its Summer drop. Tokyo has long been central to Diesel’s aesthetic direction and overall inspiration. 

Additionally, Summer’s look draws cues from rockabilly culture, and sets the look on the street-style packed neighborhoods of Shibuya and Shinjuku. It is a bold collection, where denim, leather and souvenir jackets are the key components. Additionally: embroidered tops and jolts of color combined with black and gray all mix together for a defiant, wild-child appeal.

Oversized silhouettes are a defining shape for Summer, and essential pieces come in XL denim cuts, frayed or grommet-studded leather, and as jackets with novel souvenir decorating. 

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